About Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is a safe, effective and affordable style of acupuncture where people are treated in groups in a relaxing, comfortable setting. Acupuncture can treat a variety of conditions, signs and symptoms. Because acupuncture is a process and not a band-aid approach, it is rare for a person to be able to resolve a problem completely with one treatment. Community-style clinics bring acupuncture to the masses by making frequent acupuncture more accessible and more affordable. 

Acupuncture is applicable to anyone who:

  • Is experiencing pain of any kind (joint pain, back pain, headaches, body aches, etc.)
  • Has a chronic illness which requires management of various signs and symptoms (pain, fatigue, flare-ups, depression, etc.)
  • Is seeking help with allergies, digestive issues, insomnia, depression or anxiety.
  • Is experiencing stress related to work, school, family, relationships and needs to decompress.
  • Is wanting to stop drinking, smoking, over-eating or any other addictive or compulsive behavior.
  • Is having difficulty with fertility issues.
  • Is alive in the 21st Century.

Fees & Scheduling

Community acupuncture is offered on a sliding scale fee of $20-40 per session with an additional $10 for the first appointment intake. Appointments can be made online or by calling 740-214-6978.

Your initial appointment includes a private, one-on-one intake and consultation followed by a community acupuncture treatment. First visit paperwork can be downloaded here.

Additional Resources