It all started when...

Point to Point was co-founded by Jill Nielsen-Farrell, MSW, LAc, CCHM in 2013 with the intent of offering acupuncture in an affordable, comfortable, accessible community setting. Since that time, the clinic has grown to include the use of essential oils, stone medicine and the hands-on healing modality of Sat Nam Raysayan as well as food therapy education and consultation. Community acupuncture remains the heart and soul of Point to Point.

Jill is deeply influenced and indebted to her teachers Jeffrey Yuen, Yogi Bhajan, Paramahansa Yogananda and Pema Chodron. Her operating philosophy as an Acupuncturist - and as a human being -  is rooted in their teachings and their encouragement for constant personal growth and self-cultivation. Jill is also indebted to the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture, an organization that facilitates the development of community acupuncture clinics across the United States and internationally. Jill's education, experience and 25 year meditation practice has provided her with a deep reverence for the interconnectedness of health and well-being both within the individual and as it relates to their experience with the outside world. Every session she offers is infused with this devotional understanding.

When Jill is not at Point to Point, she can be found hiking, running, practicing (and sometimes teaching) Kundalini Yoga, building fires, listening to some kick-ass Spotify playlists, gardening, writing, hanging out with a diverse set of kindred spirits and loving on her two sons and her French bulldog.